ATLANTE Virtual Tour makes a user able to literally walk into the past, while walking in the real world. The application uses ARKit in order to track the movement of the user, with 6 degrees of freedom, aligning it’s point of view and position.

In other words ATLANTE Virtual Tour is the world’s first Large Scale realtime 3D time portal of cultural heritages and archaeological sites. The app was made using Unreal Engine 4, running on an iPad using ARKit.

We tested the application inside four different archaeological areas, COLISEUM, FORUM of AUGUSTUS, FORUM of NERVAE, FORUM of CAESAR and FORUM of PACIS.

The first experience offers a realtime walkthrough of the Coliseum, Forum of Augustus, Forum of Traianus, Forum of Caesar, Forum of Nervae and Forum of Pacis. Booking will be available very soon as a service for tourists, Tour Operators, Hotels and Hospitality Solutions.

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